Animal Society NFTs

End the Jpeg Animal NFT Civil War, Unite All Jpeg Animals in one NFT Society

Animal Society NFTs are not securities or investment vehicles.
Animal Society NFTs are purely made for collectors as collectibles.


Our vision is to build Animal Society as a brand. A brand that transcends our collection in the NFT space. We want to build a brand that is global, public, inclusive of everyone and not limited to only the crypto space.

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    Animal Society is an inclusive brand that welcomes all crypto like minded individuals. We are not maxi’s, we believe people can be different Jpeg animals and be civilized in one society.

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    The launch of the original collection is to raise money & awareness for our brand.

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    Proceeding our first launch, the goal is to reach out to global brands & charity for collaborations to expand the brand.

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    By having a successful launch, we will have the leverage & know how to help other brands launch their own NFT collection in the crypto space. For example, we can first work with a notable name in the charity space to launch a smaller 1000 Animal Society Special Charity NFTs, and once that launch is successful, we can then reach out to bigger brands like Supreme or Gucci.

Collection Design

You may have noticed that our branding tagline is, “End the Jpeg Animal NFT Civil War, Unite All Jpeg Animals in one NFT Society.” This was done intentionally to fit into the narrative of our collection design.

In the NFT Identity space (aka Profile Pic or aka PFP NFT), there are also human based NFTs and animal based NFTs. You can read our team leader’s alpha on NFT here.

So based on our understanding of flipping Cryptopunks, identifying NFT market trends & marketing for other NFT projects. We have created the Animal Society NFT collection:

  • Animals are better for PFP collections, because they are normally genderless & raceless, so anyone can easily identify them as a personal digital avatar

  • We got over 140+ base layers in our collection. There are tons of different animals, not just one. This is to ensure a higher floor fluidity. People will be buying our floor NFT easier because there are more options.

  • In our collection, Apes can go ham, cats are cool, penguins are chill, whales are rare, there is literally something for everyone.

  • There are also a few humans, aliens, and other creatures as well.

  • All feminine traits are given a higher rarity so they are more rare and not on the floor.

  • Because the collection floor is so fluid, we believe our collection will have a higher parabolic pump during positive market momentum.

  • We also have a very special design unseen anywhere else to tie all the different animals together. This will be revealed post mint.

Business Plan

WTF? There is no roadmap? Why?

We decided to have a business plan first & foremost. If a project doesn't have a business plan, it is planning to fail. And if a project doesn't survive, any roadmap presented is pointless.

To read the full breakdown of our business plan, please visit our discord server and read under the business plan channel in the project zone.

In summary, to be successful we must:

- Survive Crypto Winter aka Crypto Bear Market
- Bring "perceivable" values & utilities to collection holders
- Continue to build an engaging community & brand
- Understand the market, competitors, clients & stakeholders
- Have a viable product with unique value propositions
- Define sources of revenues & costs
- Create a viable operation budget
- Have a defined marketing & sales strategy
- Have sufficient capital

All money raised minus expenses during the mint process & from secondary sales will be kept/used to either reinvest back into the project or into the community.

In terms of execution post mint, we believe the crypto bull market will likely end around December 2021 to US tax season of May 2022. So all of our planned essential deliverables are planned based on this time frame:

- IRL marketing campaign
- Digital marketing campaign
- Second collection - Animal Crackers
- Third collection - Animal Gangsters
- Charity collection - tbd based on our marketing outreach team
- Brand & celebrities collab collection - tbd based on our marketing outreach team
- Whitelist to other upcoming projects for token holders

Marketing Plan

  • Collab with other NFT projects
  • NFT Giveaways
  • Paid channels on Twitter, Telegram & Instagram
  • Paid listings on NFT calendars
  • Twitter Hashtag Take Over
  • Twitter Profile Pic contest
  • Twitter Invasion
  • Weekly Twitter Space about how to Flip & Invest in NFT
  • Brand sponsorship (gaming tournaments or niche crypto areas)
  • In real life marketing campaign & stunts
  • Time Square Billboard Ad to thank all token holders
  • Merch drop for token holders
  • Celebrity Outreach
  • Charity & Brand outreach & collab
  • Community Foster Programs

Financial Breakdowns

Our first goal is to build a sustainable project that lasts beyond crypto winter / crypto bear market. Similar to crypto punks, we believe any projects that survive the crash & thrives, will become the defacto blue chips in the next market cycle. With this in mind, we broke down how we plan to use the mint money to make this project sustainable. This is without consideration to the secondary sales revenue & any money raised in additional sales. Consult the financial breakdown here.

NFTokenomic & Utility

We have a background & experience in collecting & flipping various NFTs. So based on what we love & hate, this is our NFTokenomic for the original collection:

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    Finite token amount of 7777 mints

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    Post mints reveal, metadata will not be changed to ensure that rarities in the collection are not changed or altered in any way

To avoid SEC regulations, we will not be creating a DAO fund as that could lead us and you into tax & legal liabilities.



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Marketing Outreach Team